10 SEO “Musts”

10 simple points for on page optimization

Choose great keywords

Before you can optimize your site, you need to choose prominent keywords. These are the phrases that your customers are Googling when looking for a firm like yours. Once you’ve made a shortlist of target keywords, you need to use them throughout your website.

Optimize your content

When Google browses your site, they scan your text very carefully. You want to use your keywords liberally throughout your content, particularly in important places like your headers. Simply remember, you’re writing for humans so you require to have things seeming natural. If you’re packing your keywords, Google will pick up on this and punish you for it.

Select SEO-friendly URLs

When picking your domain and naming each page on your site, have your users and Google’s bots in mind. Your domain is one of the principal things they see. We let you customize your page names so you can pick whatever name you prefer. Recognize that the name of the individual page will show up as part of the URL to work to incorporate keywords in your domain. For example, if you own, Craig’s list, a good page name might be Craigslist.com/Printers-for-sale. This is far better than Craigslist.com/ny-east-8378-printer-for-sale.com.

Use keywords in your meta tags

After they see your URL, search engines scan your site’s titles and descriptions, also known as your meta tags. No clue what a meta tag is? The title and description are presented in Google search results underneath all website links so your site visitors may additionally read them to decide if your site offers what they require. They are not showing on your website itself – only on result pages. Master writing unique and descriptive texts for EVERY single page and be sure to include your keywords as much as possible – however, in a way that seems natural.

Write descriptive alt text

Google can’t scan images so they use alt text to understand what’s portrayed in the graphics or photographs on your site. Those short written descriptions are an exceptional place to use your keywords and your business name! Learn how to add alt text to your images in our help section.

Submit your URL

Want to make certain your website gets an inspection from search engines? Once you go live, give Google and Bing an invitation to begin to scan your site by submitting your URL direct to them. In a snap, you can get your ranking underway by directing them to read and index your site. Here’s where you can submit your page to Google and to Bing.

Utilize internal links

Internal links aid users navigate between the different pages on your site including for SEO. Exactly like a human visitor, search engines will click on links to visit various pages on your site. You can use hyperlinks to send users to your Contact Page, your online shop or to any other additional places. These are clickable words that take users directly to a different page. Summoning all bloggers! Internal links are especially valuable for you. Use links to send your readers to other related blog posts, to your About page or to the buying page for a particular item you’re marketing online.

Make certain your content is shareable

If your content is hot on social networks, Google will take notice. The most dependable way to help make this happen is to incorporate share buttons on your website. It should be very easy for anyone reading your website or one of your blog posts to share it on their social media profiles.

Make it mobile

More searches are conducted on mobile devices than from laptops, so as of 2015, Google decided to provide bonus points to mobile-friendly sites. If you require your site to show up on the nearly 60% of searches conducted on phones, you strongly make sure it’s mobile-optimized. Luckily, Brauntek’s Web Builders do this out of the box, without no effort on your part!

Insert your contact information

If you run a local store, practice using your address plus location-based words everywhere on your website. This will assist search engines to know to show your site to potential clients in your geographical area. Still, if your business isn’t location-specific, it’s essential to clearly display your contact information on every page of your site. It supports the building of your credibility for Google & makes it simpler for your clients to reach you!

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